Kitchen Assembly

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Save time and money remodeling your kitchen with the help of our expert kitchen assembly team. We provide efficient assembly of all kitchen cabinets, including base, wall, sink, above refrigerator and oven cabinets, pantries and kitchen islands. Our assembly service is quicker and less expensive than most general contractors.

Streamline the process and stay within budget by hiring our expert cabinet installers. You’ll have the cabinet assembly completed before the contractor arrives, which makes it easier to discuss the layout. Also, before the date of installation, you will have had an opportunity to check that your complete order has arrived and ensure all cabinet parts and accessories are accounted for.

Our assemblers work directly with interior designers and contractors to maximize efficiency and meet the precise design needs of your unique kitchen project. Take a load off of your work flow by subcontracting the assembly work to our skilled install team. Call or email Stress Less Assembly/strong> to find out how we can become a trusted execution partner for your kitchen projects.

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