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Stress Less Assembly has an extensive track record of providing assembly and installation solutions for busy New Yorkers in both the residential and commercial markets. Our founders began their careers working for companies that provided similar services, and launched Stress Less Assembly with a clear understanding from inside the industry. Having dealt with many customers from various walks of life, we understand which aspects of the service are vital, and which aspects can be improved upon, or simplified. We set out to create a company which puts its customers as well as its workers first – a company stream-lined for the highest quality service, executed efficiently, yet without the hassles that often frustrate consumers. We understand the need for responsiveness, clarity, and competitive pricing, while maintaining a consistent and reliable service. For years, we’ve remained committed to doing everything to the highest standards, as if we were providing the services in our own homes or offices.

Our office staff is highly-trained to understand the needs of our clients and all the details of our operations. In communicating with our office, you will feel that you are not simply speaking with a salesperson or customer service rep, but having your needs closely assessed by someone who considers themselves a partner on your project. The close training and high level of education of each member of our office staff, allows us to communicate with our clients in a timely and professional manner, and deliver our offering to you with clarity, and transparency on pricing and service. We may be college-educated, but when it comes to dealing with our clients, we consider ourselves simply experienced assemblers and installers who are ready to lend a helping hand, and explain an industry we understand well to individuals who may be feeling nervous about the process, or even overwhelmed.

Members of our field staff are carefully selected to meet a high level of criteria, and are monitored for quality assurance. Each of our installers owns and maintains a full set of tools, and is an owner-operator who is self-reliant, responsible, and professional. In order to build lasting partnerships with assemblers on whom we’ll be able to rely for many years, we foster our relationships with each worker, providing training on and off the job, and embracing a culture of continuous improvement. As a result of this close attention, our teams are able to provide the most competitive, high-quality assembly and installation work.

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